Comment Policy

ChicagoNow aims to build a community with readers who are informed, entertained and engaged both with our bloggers and with each other.

We make two different commenting systems available to our bloggers: An internal WordPress-based comment system and Facebook Comments.

Our bloggers are permitted to choose which of these systems they want to use for their blogs, and are charged with maintaining his or her community as they see fit. It's up to them to decide what kind of language and the level of civility will be permitted in their comments.

For blogs that employ our WordPress-based commenting system, ChicagoNow reserves the right to remove comments and terminate user accounts that violate our terms of service. Comments left on blogs using Facebook Comments will only be moderated by our bloggers, but are also subject to Facebook's regulations pertaining to proper behavior among its users.

When considering what to leave in a comment the best advice remains: Don't say anything you wouldn't say in person.