The Index Cards of Covid

How many of you went crazy during Covid? All of you? Me too. 

This was especially evident by the fact that every single wall in my living room and dining room, oh yea, and both patio doors, were covered in 3 by 5 index cards. Why you might ask? I found out for the foreseeable future I was going to be locked in my apartment by myself, 12 hours away from my family. What was I going to do with all that time? 

Oh, don’t you worry. I came up with the perfect system; plan every second of my day by covering my walls with index cards! 

On one wall of my dining room, an index card was taped to the wall for every task I had at work.  Y’all I broke this down to “3/15 Status Report”, “3/22 Status Report” and so on because if I had “every wednesday finish status report”, I wouldn’t be able to move the index card to the Completed Work section on the opposite wall. Ya know, because how will I  know I submitted it without a notecard taped to my boring grey rented walls. It’s not like it would get lost in a sea of other note cards….. oh wait. 

Behind my bright red Ikea couch, I made a list of all the books, movies. and TV shows I wanted to watch.  Of course there was an individual card for each Harry Potter book and movie. It couldn’t just be the series. I watched each of those movies too, along with a few others from the wall.  The books? Not so much. A breakdown was imminent, I know shocker, and ain’t nobody got time for books. Don’t worry y’all- there was a completed section for my entertainment category too.

On the back of my front door was everything left to to perfect my sister’s wedding.  You know one for picking a photo for invitations.  One for picking a font for invitations.  Clearly, I would not understand what “design invitations” meant. I wonder how much I could have gotten done instead of making these index cards? And yes, at the bottom of the door, you could find the completed tasks.  It would have been nice to know the damn door could have been used for something else. Covid would still be ruining happy days for couples well through the remainder of the year.  Sure it sucked for my sister and her wife on the big day in June, but come on, think about that wasted stack of index cards. I surely could have used them for something else, ya know, like a daily reminder to shower or something. 

Eek. I have to admit, on the wall between the kitchen and dining room I had daily index cards.  On the top, above a line of blue painters tape, things I haven’t done for the day yet. Below were finished tasks or ones that didn’t need to be completed that day.  You know, I needed reminders for cleaning a litter box, vacuuming, and laundry.  I couldn’t just tell by the overflowing piles of yoga pants and t-shirts on my floor. I don’t think I’ve worn anything more formal than a t-shirt since the infamous index card fiasco. 

Then of course, I was studying for the Project Management Professional exam, which I never ended up taking. This is going to shock y’all.  Are you ready? I had a card for each and every chapter in all three of my study books, every practice test, and the vocab in each chapter… hence the reason I had hundreds of extra index cards in the first place. Did I mention these were all in order? “Book 1, chapter one”, “Book 2, chapter 1”, and so on. 

On the patio door hung random activities to try such as yoga and guitar.  I never attempted either during this time.  I spent too much time focused on the movie wall. I have my priorities and while I wore yoga pants on the daily, you could find me any hour of any day eating, sleeping, working, or lounging on my Ikea chaise lounge chair. If I didn’t have to be bothered by pesky tasks such as using the restroom, grocery shopping, brushing my teeth, and of course moving cards to complete status, I would never have left that spot. 

It’s no wonder it took a whole two weeks into covid for me to completely break down. Was it the overload of tasks? The isolation? The endless zoom calls? The intense amount of Harry Potter in such a short time? I guess we’ll never know. 

What crazy thing did you do to beat the isolation of Covid? Drop a comment below.

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