LakeShake Day Two: Warmer. Drier. Bigger.

Day two had a very different vibe than day one of LakeShake or should I say BlakeShake. Day one was cold, wet, and while we still had a blast, harder to enjoy, where day two was clear skies and warmer, granted not the hottest LakeShake on record. The party got started much earlier as most concert goers didn’t have to work.

LANCO played a song that had many women screaming like school girls while holding onto their partners while the single girls swayed, sighed and looked up their high school exes on Facebook. That would be the Greatest Love Story. It was the first big moment of the night.

This was my first time seeing belly Currington and he did not disappoint. Highlights of course included god is good beer is great people are crazy amongst others but one of the biggest moments of his set was his cover of Friends in Low Places that did not disappoint. From the sound, I would guess that everyone on northerly island was singing along.

The rest of the night belonged to Dierks Bentley. This was my third time seeing the energetic artist, however tonight I made a large declaration. He is my new top country act to see in concert. Miranda and Florida Georgia, you’re still up there but you have major competition.

This guy gives 100% the entire night from song introductions, entertainment, pilot costumes, and just interacting with the fans. I’m not even going to call out one song because the set was on point from beginning to end. I’m going to have to give my labor day weekend to this guy at his new festival Seven Peaks in Colorado.

Day two sum up:

  • Still muddy and wet but better!
  • Dierks is amazing in concert
  • its worth it to pay for the full access pass just so you can use the upgraded bathrooms. The lines are incredibly shorter than the portal potties in the lawn *teenage girls who sneak in will go through hell to get in. Don’t try it or your knees and elbows will be bloodied like the not so sober kid I met *if you plan on getting trashed please my sure your outfit fits the occasion. I mean if you want to wear a mini skirt and Bralette go for it, but don’t get so trashed that you expose all to the world. Common girls, were better than that.
  • I love LakeShake. Like more than you can imagine

See you at Day Three!!

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