LakeShake 2018 Off to a Fun Start Despite Cold Rainy Night

It’s no secret, I haven’t been reporting on much on this site, but there are two things that can always light a fire under my blogging behind: Country Music and Festivals. Last night I experienced both as we kicked off Country LakeShake 2018 at Northerly Island on an uncharacteristically cold night and rainy night.

While my shoes were muddy, pants were soaked, and it was too cold to hold my beer, it didn’t stop myself or other concert goers from having an incredible night.

I don’t know about you, but when artists say that the audience is the best crowd ever, or “insert city here” is the greatest place to play a show, I rarely believe them. At LakeShake it’s a different story. I seem to believe them!

LakeShake seems to attract an incredible group of people who are just looking to have a fun time, experience some fun, live music with real instruments, and just love life.

Last night most could be found lying on their LakeShake air couches to keep their backsides from becoming soaked on the newly laid fake grass. While this grass kept *most* people from getting covered in mud, it didn’t do much for the water, and maybe even created greater issues with puddles. I do think it was a great move on the creator’s parts, however, as Mud is a lot worse than a little water.

A few takeaways from the night:

  • The swings give an incredible view of an amazing venue
  • Rain can’t keep the country crowd down
  • Blake Shelton is as dorky, loveable, and authentic as ever
  • Those air couches are INCREDIBLY difficult but hilariously entertaining to inflate

What seemed to be missing at LakeShake? My ginormous pretzel. Where did you go!?

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