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LakeShake Day Two: Warmer. Drier. Bigger.

Day two had a very different vibe than day one of LakeShake or should I say BlakeShake. Day one was cold, wet, and while we still had a blast, harder to enjoy, where day two was clear skies and warmer, granted not the hottest LakeShake on record. The party got started much earlier as most... Read more »

LakeShake 2018 Off to a Fun Start Despite Cold Rainy Night

It’s no secret, I haven’t been reporting on much on this site, but there are two things that can always light a fire under my blogging behind: Country Music and Festivals. Last night I experienced both as we kicked off Country LakeShake 2018 at Northerly Island on an uncharacteristically cold night and rainy night. While... Read more »