To the Creeps on the Bumble Dating App: Buzz off

So a few weeks ago, I found myself sitting in the airport waiting for my flight. To kill some time, I decided to open Bumble and browse a bit. Not really looking for anything serious, but hey, you never know.  Prince charming could always be after the next swipe.

If you haven’t been on bumble before, the basics are that if you swipe each other, the woman messages the man first. This has to be done within 24 hours of matching.

He has 24 hours to respond. Don’t meet the time frames? Bye-bye match. Of course you can pay for upgrades that extend time, rematch you, blah blah.  If I wanted to pay- I’d go to eHarmony or Match.

I quit Tinder because, well, it’s full of creeps just looking for a one night only bed buddy. So now I’m try bumble. They have an extra layer of protection for women against creeps, so why not.

So I start talking to a random guy on there. He was cute. Profile was short, to the point, and made him sound like a decent guy.  Like travel, music and fishing.  The typical things.  Listed his height because apparently if girls are taller than my 5’ stature, they care about how tall the guy is.  To me, everyone is tall.

It goes well. We chat for an hours and then forget about each other.  Three weeks pass and he messages me.

Bumble Guy: “How are you?”

Me: “Great! Just got off of work so I can’t complain. Any big plans this weekend?”

BG: “We should meet up.”

Me: “What did you have in mind?”

BG: “Oh I don’t know- anything.”

Me: “How about something downtown?”

BG: “How about the inside of a hotel room?”

REALLY? Really? Do women really say yes to this?

Me: “How about not.”

BG: “Here’s my number. Send me some good pics.”


I don’t get it. I was clear in both my profile and in my initial discussion with him about not looking for a random. It only took him like 3 or 4 messages to get to that point. Wow.

And people wonder why I’m still single. You see, sure this is just one guy, but I guarantee you 1 out of every 2 guys I match with and message will get to this point within 5 minutes of talking.

Is it me? Do my pictures say something? I mean, I’m not scantily clad and not much could be interpreted to be easy, but they must be saying something. Or is it guys today? Are guys not looking to go out to dinner, get to know each other and settle down anymore?

Anyway- looks like I’ll be keeping off bumble now, too.

What’s apps do you use? How did you meet your significant other? Let us know in the comment section below!

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