Troll calls Kelly Clarkson fat on Twitter -- Her response was perfect.

I don’t understand what tolls are trying to accomplish by calling celebrities, or anyone for that matter, names on twitter. On Tuesday, the Fourth of July, a Twitter member, Cliff Cherokee @Euger23, decided to troll Kelly Clarkson’s twitter with a simple message.

“You’re fat”

I have a few thoughts.

1. The only positive thing I have to say is congratulations on using the proper form of “you’re”. I’m a blogger and I don’t always get that right so mad props my friend.

2. What exactly was @Euger23 trying to accomplish? Tear down Kelly Clarkson? Does he know that she has stated she is comfortable with her size? Does he know that she won American Idol? Does he know that she has released 7 studio albums selling millions of records?

3. Why do so many people insist on tearing people down instead of building them up? Trying to make themselves feel better?

Her response: “…and still fucking awesome.”

Within an hour of her response, she had over 700 retweets and close to 4000 likes. Let’s keep sending her our love!

Kelly Clarkson, I have one thing to say to you. You are talented, beautiful, and fucking awesome.



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