There's a Dating App called Hater? Why yes there is.

There's a Dating App called Hater? Why yes there is.

Recently a friend shared an article with me that listed the most hated “things” for lack of a better category, such as God, sand, jellyfish, anal sex, Eli Manning, and cheap coffee. There’s a random assortment of “things” I never thought I’d mention in one sentence.

My question of course was how the hell did they come up with this data?! Well that would be a dating app. A dating app is how they came up with the data.  Seriously!?

The world has Tinder for hookups. Bumble for those masquerading as not only wanting hookups. And now we have Hater for, well those who hate?

The app apparently matches those who have the same distastes in things like “Biting String Cheese” which is most popular in Illinois. Or Indiana where you have the best chance of getting matched with someone else if you hate “Bloggers.” One more reason to apparently mutually dislike the State of Indiana.

Of course, logically the next question you may ask yourself is how successful is a dating app based on mutual dislikes? I don’t have that data for you sadly but let me tell you—I’m wondering the same damn thing. Naturally I went to download it but low and behold, the app apparently hates Samsung as it wasn’t available in the play store.

What I have learned from the most hated data released by Hater is that I should stay out of Nevada (Feminism) and I belong in Montana (Going to the Gym). Oh and Hawaii (Taking Videos at Concerts)… this just needs to spread to the rest of the country because I’m tired of watching concerts live through the phone of the person in front of me.

In a world where these is already so much hatred, especially politically these days, do we really need to bring hate into new budding relationships?

Have you used this app? Do you like it? Let me know in the comments below or by emailing

Happy hating and dating folks!


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