Hotel Amarillo by Caroline Spence -- A song that's been missing from our playlists

Hotel Amarillo by Caroline Spence -- A song that's been missing from our playlists

For my first featured weekly song, I wanted to find something special.  A song I didn’t even know up until the day I wrote this here blog.

I found myself perusing YouTube for a few hours when I stumbled upon a song called Hotel Amarillo.  Initially, I was drawn to click on it as I grew up listening to the Eagles with my mom. Hotel California was a favorite.  Although we moved to a vastly different state and decade, the name drew me in.

It took a total of 5 seconds to decide I was interested in the song and only 30 some to decide it would be my first feature.

Before tonight, I had sadly never heard of Caroline Spence. I had been missing out.

She has a sweet, angelic even, voice that draws you in.  A folk sound takes you on a trip across Oklahoma and Texas as she stays in various hotels, a night at a time. The video takes you on the journey right along with her.  She reads as a fun loving, playful young woman who has great taste in music. Throughout the song, you hear hints of blues and country.

Hotel Amarillo is on Spence’s second album, Spades and Roses, which released earlier this year.  Her first album, Somehow, was released in 2015.

Give it a listen. If you like it, I wish I could tell you she was coming to Chicago soon, but no such luck.  Her only scheduled tour stops are in Georgia, Oklahoma, and Virginia.

What do you think? Does it deserve some airplay?

Song: Hotel Amarillo
Artist: Caroline Spence
Album: Spades and Roses
Released: 2017
Genre: Folk

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