Minneapolis: Mall of America, Minnehaha Falls & More

Minneapolis: Mall of America, Minnehaha Falls & More

First of all, I want to say sorry to any of my readers who have been missing my blogs! I was a busy bee in my last semester of school, EVER.  I graduated last week with my Masters.  Crazy Right! I will be back full force this summer with uber amounts of concerts, travel and Kate Antics to report on.

How did I celebrate my graduation? A work trip! I was sent to Minnesota, specifically Minneapolis, for a short two days. I only had a few hours to see the area each evenings. This meant I had to be choosey about how I spent my evenings.

Day one: Mall of America
Mall of America is to Minnesota as the Blarney Stone is to Ireland or Navy Pier is to Chicago.  You have to go see it when you are there, but overall, it’s a bit overrated.  I spent a few hours walking around and shopping.  I bought my first pair of Tom’s at the Tom’s shop. A kids pair.  If you fit in kids shoes, you should try it.  They are cuter, sometimes fit better, and are cheaper!

Getting back on track… The mall also has other specialty stores that I found interesting from toy stores, to camping stores, etc.  I ate a chicken flat bread at Two Cities Grill that would definitely get a two thumbs up and of course went home with my obligatory Auntie Anne’s pretzel.  This of course has little to do with Mall of America and more with my obsession with cheese and pretzel’s.

As most know, there is also an amusement park in the center of the mall.  I walked through and for being in a mall it’s fairly amazing, but being an avid Six Flags Great America fan, I wasn’t super impressed with the specific rides and attractions.  With it’s Nickelodeon theme, it’s geared more towards children.

All in all, it’s a mall. A glorified mall, but still, a mall. You should go see it to say you did, but if you don’t enjoy malls, plan on a short trip. This activity is best for mall lovers or families with children.

Day two: Minnehaha Falls
After spending the previous day holed up inside a mall, which as you may have been able to tell is not my favorite way to relax, I decided to put on some hiking shoes and check out Minnehaha falls and the surrounding area.  This was much more my style;  Outside, in the sun, people watching.

I took an Uber from work and started my trip right by the falls. The second I opened the door of the Uber, I could hear the water rushing.  I knew instantly I would enjoy this evening more than the previous. I took a short walk through the park and came up to the bridge that extends over the top of the fall.   Took a few social media snaps and moved on.

What surprised me most was that the waterfall was right in town.  It wasn’t a hike through the woods like a hidden gem, but right on display to those biking, listening to music in the park, or eating at the Sea Salt Eatery.

I followed some others down a serious of steps to the base of the waterfall.  It was beautiful.  Not as gratifying as the waterfalls you have to hunt for, but enjoyable none-the-less.  After a few minutes relaxing at the bottom of the waterfall, I continued along some paths to the Mississippi river.  I wouldn’t recommend this a day or two after a big rain.  It was pretty wet on the trails, but besides that I enjoyed the walk, passed some friendly people, many couples, and even a few pups.

I would go back to Minneapolis sometime to explore more around the rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. I’d also like to see downtown Minneapolis. I probably won’t go back to the mall unless someone I was with really wanted to, but hey, I can say I did it now!

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