Country Lakeshake Festival 2017 in Black & White -- Chicago, IL

This year’s Country Lakeshake did not disappoint.  For their 3rd year, they even had a few upgrades including free trolley’s to and from major train hubs around Chicago and tiered ticket levels making the event more accessible. Another addition to the event? Budweiser Clydesdale horses.

The event had between 12,500 and 16,500 attendees each day, and you could tell.  Previous years, standing about 50 feet from the stage was generally tolerable.  Of course there was the occasional cigarette smoke in the face, drunk guy running you over you, etc. but it was ok.  This year we had to stay back pretty far to enjoy the experience.

Another sign of the increased crowds? Bathroom lines.  They were long enough to cause some women to use the men’s room.  Duke, a male concertgoer, came out of the bathroom and exclaimed “You gotta do what you gotta do. I respect that.” Another said “No man is going to complain!”

The trolley system was a great addition that I personally used daily on my way back to my car.  I parked near Union Station using Spot Hero for about $10-$12/day. Getting on one each night was no easy feat.  One twenty something exclaimed that she felt like “we’re the lucky ones who got on the first boat after the titanic started to sink.” The ride itself was crowded, yet quick.

The food was great, the music was better than great, and overall the weekend was about as good as it gets if crowds don’t get you down.

See you next year Lakeshake!

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