Chase Rice performs at Lakeshake Festival – Chicago IL 2017

Chase Rice performs at Lakeshake Festival – Chicago IL 2017

I think my favorite aspect of festivals such as Lakeshake, Windy City Smokeout and Fair St. Louis, is hearing music from artists I wasn’t familiar with prior to the event. Sure, you are going to hear great music from favorites like Miranda Lambert, Rascal Flatts and Thomas Rhett, but I get more excited about the unknown; the unheard.

That was the case when I went to the 2017 Country Lakeshake Festival last weekend. It’s common for me not to know many performers on the Next from Nashville stage.  They are usually not uberly known.  I’ve become a fan of Claire Dunn via the Next from Nashville stage, heard Aaron Lewis, previously of Staind in a new light, and this year became a fan of Drake White and the Big Fire, Walker Hayes and Dylan Scott.

Wchase-02hat is really exciting is finding new, at least to me, talent on the Main Stage. Often this happens from country fans living under a rock, as was the case with me, when I heard Chase Rice.

Sure a few of his songs sounded familiar, but I wasn’t aware of who sang them. Rice entered the stage with an energy that demanded your attention. It wasn’t just him, but his crew just brought the party out of all of us.  He was adorable and he could sing.

In his ripped jeans, white tank, button up and ball cap, he performed songs like the gold certified Gonna Wanna Tonight and the platinum certified Ready Set Roll.  Don’t get me wrong, these are huge songs that I’ve heard on 99.5 and 95.5 but if asked who sang them? I couldn’t answer until Sunday. Sorry Chase!

img_2308You could tell he takes pride in the production as he and his guitarists put on a show at the end of the catwalk and as he ran, and I mean RAN, back and forth across the stage making sure fans at all angles were entertained.

Then he picked up a guitar. I mean the guy already has a voice that is enviable.  Playing guitar was the icing on the cake.

If that wasn’t talented enough, he tells the audience about his ability to write songs as well. A singer-songwriter. Hot damn. Did you know he wrote Cruise, a hit single performed by Florida Georgia Line? Wow.

  • chase-03Nothing got as crazy as when he jumped down into the photography pit to greet fans up close, not once, but twice. Fans went crazy and I instantly knew, I had been missing out on a great act.

Later in the show, he would perform his single Ride to a newly wed while her husband watched from side stage.  Haven’t heard that song? Well, you should check it out. Warning: It may not be safe for work!

All I can say is Chase Rice has a new fan in this blogger. I mean sure he is about as attractive as it gets but he’s so much more than a pretty face. Who wouldn’t like someone who can sing, play guitar, put on an entertaining show, and can write hit songs?

Did you miss Chase Rice at Country Lakeshake? Don’t worry! He’s coming back to Chicago for TWO NIGHTS. You can catch him at Joe’s Live in Rosemont on September 29th, or Joe’s on Weed Street in Chicago on September 30th.

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