Serious Question: How do you throw away a garbage can?

No really. I’m serious about this one. I recently moved into a home that has three random garbage cans that are busted or old in the back yard.

As they are pretty useless, I decided it was best for me to toss them.

The problem? How do you throw them away?

It seems obvious, put it down with the trash. When I ask friends and family this question, they usually respond with just that, you just put it down with the trash!

But as they finish the seemingly correct answer, their brow will suddenly furrow and they realize the conundrum.

Garbage men empty garbage cans, they don’t take them!

So I’ve had some ideas.

#1. Put a sign on them

#2. Crush them and put them in the “keeper” garbage can

#3. Put them in a large black commercial garbage bag.

#4. Stand outside at 6 am and tell the garbage men to take them.

#5. Buy more and play giant beer pong.

I am still not sure how to proceed. What do you think? How should I throw away a garbage can? Let me know in the comments below!

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