Your Health Insurance Company May Offer a Fitness Plan for Less than Your Typical Gym Membership

A coworker recently shared something very cool with me that I would like to share with you.

Health insurance companies may have fitness plans to help you out. Seriously.

I have BCBS. Turns out for $25 to start and $25 a month after that, I joined this Wellness on Target program.  I can go to a plethora of gyms across the US that include L.A. Fitness, Curves, Planet Fitness, etc. Included are gyms with saunas, pools, cardio equipment, and more.

Why does this excite me more than just going to join a cheap gym like Charter for $25 a month?

Because I HATE GYMS. Like truly hate them.  I feel out of place. Judged. Uncomfortable.

The good thing about this plan? If I feel uncomfortable at one gym, I can try a new one the next day.

The plan also comes with online fitness tracking programs.

Seriously- if you aren’t a member of a gym already, or you aren’t locked into a contract you should check to see if you’re insurance provider has a plan like this.

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