Why We Don’t Need a Straight Pride Day Because Apparently I Have to Explain That

Why We Don’t Need a Straight Pride Day Because Apparently I Have to Explain That

You know those awkward moments when an aging relative says something homophobic to your cousin’s “friend” at Thanksgiving dinner and everyone pretends like it never happened?

Or when you’re watching the Tony awards and your friend’s imagination isn’t big enough to handle a Hamilton cast that isn’t all white?

Or when a co-worker reveals himself to be a Trump supporter because the guy is, after all, really business savvy and we should give him a chance to prove what a great statesman he can be?

And then everyone looks at each like … did that really happen? Are they for real?

Well, out there on the internet, every day is an awkward Thanksgiving dinner. But Twitter proved to be in rare form recently when the hashtag #StraightPrideDay began trending.

caucasian-84418_640#StraightPrideDay is a call for a national celebration of heterosexuality. After all, it’s only fair that if LGBTQ folks have their own days of festivity, straight people should have a day to take pride in themselves … right?

Ummmm … nooo. That’s over-privileged, self-indulgent, ignorant nonsense.

I don’t think I should have to explain in 2016 why we don’t need a Straight Pride Day, but if you need it spelled out, then this is for you:

  1. You’ll never have to dread coming out to your family. Telling your family you’re straight isn’t a bombshell that could sever relationships, estrange you from your parents, and divide your family structure. You’ll never have to worry about parents throwing you out to live on the streets because they won’t tolerate your straightness in their home.
  2. Your marriage will be universally legal and accepted. When two consenting heterosexual adults marry, no one debates whether or not it should even be legal. Your union will be recognized in every state, in every country. And no one will refuse to issue you a marriage license because it’s against their religion.
  3. You won’t encounter discrimination for loving someone of the opposite sex. That apartment you really wanted to rent? The landlord won’t turn you down because you’re heterosexual. Will you get bad or even no service at a restaurant for flaunting your straightness? Of course not.
  4. You’ll never have to fear violence the way many LGBTQ people do. Bullying, beatings, assault, death threats, even murder. You will never have to fear for your life or safety simply for being straight.

Gay pride isn’t about celebrating homosexuality. It’s about recognizing the right of homosexuals to exist and fully participate in society. It’s about honoring those who have had to fight for the everyday rights that heterosexual citizens take for granted.

Thanks for reading. I hope you all have the courage to be yourself and love out loud.

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