Maren Morris performs at Windy City Smokeout -- Chicago 2016

Maren Morris performing at Windy City Smokeout this year was pretty much my main motivation in going.  There is something in her music that is honest and relatable.

Give “Once” a listen.  I bet most of you can relate to wanting, even begging an ex to remember that he/she once loved you. Or try “I could use a love song” if you can relate to being bitter because you are single and others seem to have it so figured out.

So naturally, when I saw she was in Chicago at Smokeout, I had to go.  I was nervous.  There is nothing more disappointing than seeing an artist you admire bomb it when they get on stage.

Maren did not disappoint. From opening with “Sugar”, to commenting that it smelled like “barbecue and cookies”, to closing with an audience assisted “My Church” it was a great performance.

Check out the pictures below to get a taste of the show.

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