Fantasmagorie -- Surprise dance performance at Humboldt Park in Chicago

Last night I was out catching Pokémon with a friend. Judge away. We decided to go to Humboldt Park as we had heard it was the Pikachu hub. It’s true.

Well we ended up pulling up to the boathouse at the park. We find a parking space next to a Chicago news vehicle. Strange. I wondered what was going on and thought maybe some sort of event. Within a few steps we noticed symphony sounding music. Possibly some concert going on?

We walked up the steps and noticed a few dozen people leaning over the railing and a big screen showing aquatic animals over the pond. Figuring why not check it out, we headed over to the railing.

It was dancers. They were doing beautiful routines that coincided with the fish and sea animals on the screens.

What a wonderful treat. Maybe this wasn’t planned as a surprise, but it was a surprise to me!

We stayed for quite a while checking it out before heading home. Sadly by the time we got there, both my phone and camera had died, so I wasn’t able to get any pictures.

We did some research and found out this wasn’t our last time to check out the dance (so pictures may be coming!). The dance we stumbled upon was just a one night of “Fantasmagorie.”

Fantasmagorie is a 15 person, 45 minute dance that includes a 50 by 18 foot screen showing video of creatures found from the great lakes to the Amazon River. The dancers can be found on floating stages in front of the screen.

Return performances can be seen every Friday and Saturday night until August 6th and will start at sundown.

Hope you can make it out there to see it for yourself!

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