For the first time, I want to be part of politics

For the first time, I want to be part of politics

To put it simply I #FeelTheBern. This isn’t just because of Bernie Sanders, but because I am watching a large group of people in America believing there is better way.  Sure Bernie may be the catalyst at the center of this grassroots movement but it’s about more than him.

For the 11 years I have been eligible to vote, I have voted once.  I know, terrible. And that one time was by absentee ballot a year that I heard many were lost. Why don’t I vote, or volunteer or speak out for a candidate? Well, because this country has felt lost and hopeless.  I felt like politicians were speaking at me, not to me and definitely not FOR me.  Isn’t that what politicians are supposed to do? Stand up for their constituents? P

I like Barack Obama, and I think he has done a fine job so far but he didn’t get me fired up.  I supported him in conversations and I still will but I didn’t vote in those two elections.  I didn’t get excited.  I didn’t feel like America was going to turn around.

Now? I like that Bernie Sanders has my back, not the backs of the rich.  I believe he is showing us a different way.  He is showing us how to create a movement. I am excited that he seems honest. Of course I don’t know him and we have a long way to go but I believe in an America that puts most American’s first again.

So for the first time, I’ve watched all the democratic debates, even a couple cringe worthy republican debates.  I am one of the 300,000+ people who voted for Bernie and got him the endorsement from For the first time, I will physically go to the polls and vote in the primaries and in the general election. For the first time, I have registered to be a volunteer.  I will have my training tomorrow and hope to be volunteering as soon as possible.

I’m excited to be into politics, and on more than just a hacktivist level, but a truly activist level.

Are you interested in joining with us? Are you interested in a better America where we put our people’s families, educations and health first? Why don’t you just check out Bernie’s site.  Make a $5-$20 dollar donation.  Volunteer.

Even if it’s not for Bernie.  Get involved this year! It’s your right. It’s your responsibility. It feels damn good.

Click here to check out Bernie’s campaign

Interested in doing more?

Good. Sign up (free) to be part of the movement

Better. Click here to Donate to Bernie.

Best! Sign up to Volunteer


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