Drinks with the Sister: The first ever Christmas 2.0 gift

Drinks with the Sister: The first ever Christmas 2.0 gift

So as many of you may know from my previous post, I gave up Christmas as I previously knew it. Gone are the days of going broke from buying a gazillion gifts that would no double end up in a land fill or bottom of a closet or returned for cash.

Here is the precious moments spend with the ones I love. So my sister and her girlfriend were the first to cash in. Their “couple” gift was a round of drinks going out. Of course these “gifts of time” come with stipulations. They were:

  1. Had to be before Christmas 2016
  2. Should just be the three of us… ya know cheesy quality time.
  3. First round of drinks would be my treat
  4. They pick the time/date/place
  5. I couldn’t say no unless I had hard concrete plans.

So they picked Harrigan’s on Halsted for Karaoke and drinks and apparently multiple variety’s of fried cheese this past Friday night. Per stipulation #4 I had to comply.

I had to work late so we met there. A friend of mine was also looking for something to do that night, and since I have limited time to see people these days due to my graduate capstone class, I thought, why not invite her with? She knows my sister too so it worked great! Oops, gone is stipulation #2.

We got there about 8:15. The girls were already there and ordering drinks. Oops there goes stipulation 3. Instead I bought a round of shots, mac and cheese bites, mozzarella cheese sticks, and tater tots, with you guessed it, cheese on them. Two other friends were out and about and stopped up there. It was great to see them as well.

Overall the night was a blast. I may have had one too many drinks but my smarts knew it was best to leave the car at home in this case. They played a ton of raunchy karaoke music that I could do without… I mean, ew.

How do I feel about Christmas 2.0 after the first gift has been “given?” Really good! We did alter the actual gift from the first round of drinks to shots and greesy food, but it’s not about the gift, it’s about the time spent together. Talk about cheesy…

Under most circumstances, I would have said no breaking the stipulation of having additional people tag along, but in a bar setting, I think it’s perfectly acceptable. I asked my sister about it when we were out and she was fully on board with people joining us.

Well, Merry Christmas? And happy January 13th?

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