Person of the Year: Adele

Person of the Year: Adele

No she didn’t achieve world peace, run for president, have a sex change in the public eye or lead a country and maybe I should have chosen someone different like but I didn’t. I choose Adele Coming to Term’s for Person of the Year.


She is popular across generations.  From children, to the elderly, Adele is loved.  Her songs and music are timeless.

Almost everyone loves her in fact.  How do we know everyone loves her? By the records she has broken with 25.

albumsOnly 20 albums have sold 1 million copies in a single week.  25 is the 20th.  In fact, according to Billboard, she also sold over 1 million copies the second week.  A feat never before achieved. But Adele, is even more elite than that.  She was the first album to sell over 3 MILLION copies in a week kicking N’Sync’s record for most albums in a single wee to the curb. Oh yea, and it only took 3 days to kick them to the curb.

N’Sync isn’t the only artist she has ousted.  Britney Spears no longer holds the record for most records sold by a female artist in one week.

If we are just speaking in terms of 2015, she also didn’t just break records, she crushed them.  Taylor Swift, who literately had the entire year to sell records and is arguably one of the most popular artists of our time, sold around 1.8 million copies of 1989 this year. Adele sold 3.8 Million in 3 days crushing Taylor’s record. Don’t worry though, there’s enough love in the world for both of them!

This week, all three of her albums were on Billboards top albums.  25 was of course #1, 21 was at #8, and 19 was at #27.

Another reason to love Adele? She doesn’t need crazy theatrics or 100 outfit changes or dozens of backup singers to make her concerts 100% enjoyable. All she needs is that voice of hers.  You go and you listen in amazement.  It can just be her and one pianist. It’s all you need. Hell- I’d pay to see her sing a Capella!

To build on that, I recently bought 25.  I’ve listened to it multiple times.  I recording her live concert in New York a couple weeks ago and watched it twice.  I kid you not, she doesn’t just sound the same live, she may even sound better.  In a world full of artists who sound 10 times better when auto turned and recorded, this is an amazing achievement.

She seems so absolutely genuine. After performing one of her new songs during the televised concert she was brought to tears because, well, her fans still love her after a 4 year absence where she got married, had a child and had vocal surgery, though you would never know it!  She swears like a sailor, talks with a British accent and she is who she is. No apologies, just Adele.

I don’t know why she would be worried! Another indicator everyone loves her?  Her concert ticket sales in North America sold out quick.  At my job alone, I could name dozens of people who were online trying to get tickets.  Was there success?  One person was able to nab a single ticket.

Adele- Bottom line. You are loved. You are amazing.  I respect the hell out of you. I wish I was you. Keep doing what you are doing and America and the World will have your back.

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