How Door Dash works and why you should avoid using it

How Door Dash works and why you should avoid using it

How Door Dash works and why you should avoid using it

I left for lunch today to find the rain coming down and my car blocked in, a common occurrence at my city office. So my coworkers and I headed back inside and were trying to figure out what to order for lunch.

Fried Chicken; Specifically Popeye’s. And not so much for the chicken, but for the amazingly delicious rolls. Oh, they are to die for BUT terrible for me I know.

Well, Popeye’s doesn’t deliver… I’ve heard of this place called Door Dash so I figured we would try it out.

Door Dash is a third party company that will pick up from almost anywhere around you, even groceries, and deliver it to your doorstep. They charge $5.99 as a delivery fee which is steep but for staying dry and warm, occasionally worth it!

So how does it work?

  1. Place order with Door Dash through the app or website
  2. Door Dash picks up your food
  3. Door Dash Delivers your food
  4. You can tip cash or include it with your original payment
  5. You eat… you should know that.

Well from looking at the pricing on Door Dash I knew they weren’t just making money off of the delivery fee but had to also be making money from raising the prices a little. What I didn’t know until they forgot to take the original receipt out of the bag today is that they raise the prices A LOT.

Take my receipt today for instance:

1x 1 Biscuit (Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits) $1.50
1x Macaroni & Cheese (Signature Sides) $2.95
1x 3 Piece Tenders Dinner (Chicken Tender Dinner) $8.95
1x 3 Piece Tenders Dinner (Chicken Tender Dinner) $8.95

Subtotal: 22.35
Tax: 2.07
Delivery Fee: 5.99
Discount: -4.99 (First time order, expect to pay 5.99 on your next order)
Delivery Tip: 3.00
Total: 28.42

The receipt they left in the bag?


TAX 1.21
TOTAL 13.97

They charged me 1.50 for a biscuit that cost them .59- really?! That’s more than 2.5x the price! Maybe the better question is who would pay 1.50 for a biscuit at a fast food joint… they are good, okay! Stop judging me…

I get that you are paying for convenience. I get that they have to stay sustainable but holy cow. We just paid 28.42, more than double, for what we could have paid 13.97 and a 10-minute road trip car ride for instead. Yikes.

Bottom Line: If able and sober it’s probably worth it to pick up the food yourself.

Please note, this is old. I should probably experiment and try this again. Maybe I will this week. In the meantime, try giving this more recent blog post a read! 


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