Things to do in Chicago: Ed Paschke Art Center

Things to do in Chicago: Ed Paschke Art Center

The Ed Paschke Art Center is a hidden gem in Chicago. It’s located in Jefferson Park near the blue line and 90, so it’s very accessible. I was so impressed with my visit there this weekend. The staff is incredibly friendly and very knowledgeable.

The outside of the building has a mural on one side with a sculpture standing next to the building. The inside is typical of a gallery setting, white walls and paintings hanging on them (Ed Paschke paintings, in this case) . Downstairs is an exhibition of artwork by other artists.

What makes this place so special is the recreation of Ed Paschke’s studio upstairs. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it is. You must simply see it for yourself. I love entering an artist’s world to get a glimpse into their life.

Like a detective, you begin to piece things together about his final days and his entire life. There are interesting things you find like Jeff Koons wanting to intern for Paschke. His calendar is so interesting and a little bit creepy once you get to his last day. There is also a video of him and any questions I had were answered by the nice lady working there. She even came to check up on us to see if we had any questions about him. In the end, I felt as if I got to know him and his already amazing artwork became even better afterwards.

Ed Paschke was a Chicago artist with international recognition. We are so lucky to have this art center right here. Go by yourself or with friends. You can even bring your family to storytime events. They are even having a baby tour later this month so you can expose your baby to art early. These events are also free! Check out their website for upcoming events at

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