Learning how to cope with illness through song -- Burning House by Cam

Learning how to cope with illness through song -- Burning House by Cam

Music is undeniably a powerful tool. Some songs are intentionally put together to be powerful and make a change. Other songs, like Burning House by Cam, fly more under the radar. They might not mean the world to everyone that listens but may make a large impact on a few people.

What I’ve always found beautiful is how one song can mean different things to different people. Songs and albums can help someone get over a bad break up, cheer them up after a shitty day at work, or in this case, help someone come to terms with their loved ones being ill.

Over the course of 2015, my life changed due to my grandparents getting sick. Two strokes, and a downward spiral of Alzheimer’s later I found myself having a lot of trouble coping with their illnesses.

Not to brag but I am pretty damn amazing at being there for others when they aren’t in a good place. Where I suck is being there for myself.

This past weekend it really hit me. I ended up in bed for two days not knowing what I could do to make a change or how to help my grandparents through this difficult time.

A beautiful person, friend, and cousin pulled me out of my house to cheer me up. On my way to meet her, I heard a beautiful song on the Highway (A country Sirius XM station). That’s where Burning House by Cam came in.

I had a dream about a burning house
You were stuck inside, I couldn’t get you out
I laid beside you and pulled you close
And the two of us went up in smoke

I’m sure feeling hopeless about ill grandparents isn’t what Cam had in mind when she wrote the song but how perfect is it? The burning house is the illness. They are stuck with this illness no matter what but we get right in there with them.

I’ve been sleepwalking, been wandering all night
Trying to take what’s lost and broken and make it right

This song helped me realize it was okay to feel. It’s okay to cry and it’s okay to feel helpless. I’ve been sleepwalking through this and trying to fix it. I can’t. I can just be there.

See you at a party and you look the same
I could take you back but people don’t ever change
Wish that we could go back in time

This quote above really got me because of my mom’s mom. She has Alzheimer’s. She still looks the same but she’s not always there. I know my mother, myself and my family would love to rewind time to a healthier place.

And finally,

Love isn’t all that it seems I did you wrong
I’ll stay here with you until this dream is gone

This is powerful. What comes up when people start facing mortality is the way we’ve lived, the things we’ve said, and the actions we wish we could change. Regrets surface. Should I have visited more? Should I have called more?

And finally, an assurance that even though we aren’t right by their side day in and out, we wish we could be and they have our love and support unconditionally.

Even if you don’t find the same meaning in these lyrics you should still check it out. She has a beautiful voice and something tells me a beautiful soul as well. Give it a chance folks

Check the lyrics/video out below.

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