Personalized Mini Wine Bottles: A Perfect Favor for Any Occasion

Personalized Mini Wine Bottles: A Perfect Favor for Any Occasion

What to make a statement at an upcoming event by having original, one of a kind favors?  Making personalized mini wine bottles is one of my favorites.  It’s relatively easy, only costs about 1.50 to 2.00 a favor and makes a statement.

I’ve made them for a few events and the idea in itself is not the most original.  The originality comes into what you put into the labels.  Anyone can hand a bottle of wine to a guest but if you make original labels- it will be a one of a kind gift made only for the person being celebrated.

So how can you make it original? It depends how much work you want to put into it.  The first ones I ever made are the simplest.  They were all identical and of simple design for a 50th birthday party.  The theme was aged to perfection, wine, and grapes.  Along with the bottles, I got wine glasses from the dollar store and painted them adding purple Hershey kisses inside.

If you want to get a bit more detailed, you can get a different label for each type of wine you buy.  I didn’t have a specific theme I had to follow for one bridal shower, so I improvised.  The groom was from Philadelphia, the bride was from Chicago, they went to college in Washington, D.C., and they lived together in San Diego after college.

I made four different labels with skylines for each of these cities.  To make them more unified, I used all nighttime photos, increased the contrast and increased the blue.  The wedding color was blue after all. Attendants at the shower represented all 4 cities, so it was fun for them to grab a bottle that represented their relationship with the bride or the groom.

The most recent ones I made were the most intricate. My cousin, who is one of my very best friends, was turning thirty.  She is a photographer and has a beautiful family and wonderful friends.  For her party, I wanted to capture that.  I got a picture of a picture frame and filled the frame with a different picture for almost every bottle. I titled every picture with her name and the event. Together all of the wine bottles gave a gallery effect to capture her photography career and hobby.


Are you ready?  

What you need:

1 mini bottle of wine for each guest + a few extra for the guest of honor to keep

Labels (I use Avery 5164)

A colored printer with full ink (photo printer is better)

Microsoft Word (or something more sophisticated)


How to:

  1. Get a large bucket or bowl of water.  I like to use an extra-large cake pan.
  2. Fill it halfway full with water and place as many of the bottles that fit.  Make sure the label is covered.
  3. After 20 minutes, you can try to pull off the label.  Anything shorter than this will require more effort to remove the label.  Scrape off the glue.  I use my nails but you can also use a sponge.
  4. Download the template for your labels.  I use Avery Labels #5164.
  5. Create your labels however you would like but keep the guest of honor in mind.  Where are they from? What are their hobbies? Are there shower colors? Also- try to include the type of wine on the label to reduce questions from guests. You can I include a date, a name.
  6. Print the labels.  Use the top quality available from your printer.  The labels will soak up the ink so anything less than the best may look faded.
  7. Make sure the wine bottles are dry.  Once they are, apply the labels as straight as possible.  They won’t be perfect, so don’t make yourself crazy!
  8. If you want to do more- feel free.  Just don’t go too over the top. You can add personalized wine glasses with Candy, a ribbon, some twine around the neck if you want to go country- Whatever! Anything you do will make them original.



Want something a little bigger? If you have more money you would like to put into the favors, you can do full-sized wine bottles.  You can still use the same size label to keep it classy.

For a guy or non-wine drinker? Try using different types of beer.

For children? Let’s not exclude them! Make personalized labels for bottles of juice or water.



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