Life without a Smart Phone

Life without a Smart Phone

Once upon a time, a work kickball team, not so cleverly named New Kicks on the Block, lost seven to one. To wallow in self-pity afterward, the team found themselves at a local hang out downing one Ebel Weiss after another. The team manager, after a few beers, ended up with slippery hands and sadly dropped her cell phone, better known as her lifeline.

It didn’t matter that the phone had a $50 dollar case on it. It didn’t matter that she just got the phone 3 months prior. The phone just cracked. Now the team manager (ahem, me) is learning to deal without her sidekick.

While cheap burner phones are available at very low costs of $9.99 at Target, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Yes, back in college I remember getting my first camera phone, you know when cameras were still something you carried around separately. It was cool then. But now, this tiny black and blue flip camera phone is something to be ashamed of and hide.

This old phone has its plus sides, however. I mean do you have T9 on your phone? I think not. Can you hang up your phone by just flipping it closed? Nope. You have to go press a red end call button. Whose cooler now?!

You know what else is irritating when you don’t have a 21st-century phone? Music. Relying on the radio for music is not awesome. Phones have music downloads, Pandora-like apps, etc. It also has my new favorite app Shazam.

How am I supposed to know what song is on the radio, look up the lyrics to it and share it on Facebook to tell the world I love it!? I mean, I heard this awesome sauce song on 97.1 yesterday. Went to grab my phone, and what did I find… a near useless flip phone that can barely take a picture much less tell me who is singing.

But it gets worse when you lose or break your phone. You lose all your texts, contacts, pictures etc. You should be able to back them up with Samsung Kies when you have that beautiful (and so much better than iPhone) Galaxy S5 but the phone is a goner and no longer able to be backed up.

I don’t know my best friends number or the new crush’s number. Not that this truly matters as there is a new crush every week. How am I supposed to call into work to be able to stay in bed and cry about my loss all day if I don’t know my work’s number?! (Don’t worry work- I would never call in for such a silly purpose!)

I mean, I can’t participate in Clash of Clan wars (yes I’m that dorky), record myself working on my vocals (maybe this is why the phone really broke), look up directions to school (yes I’ve been there once a week for 2 years but I need GPS) and I can’t just google anything that comes to mind. I mean the flip phone doesn’t even have a URL bar. You have to search through Yahoo! Oy Vey.

I get that these are all minor issues compared to the wasting of water during the Ice Bucket Challenges or the suspending of one NFL player after another but they affect my life. And this is my blog so deal with it.

One last note- treat your phone with respect because if you have an insurance company like mine, you may never see it again.

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