Breaking the Rules of the Ice Bucket Challenge

Breaking the Rules of the Ice Bucket Challenge

We have all seen it now. Friends, family, and celebrities have all been participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I am no exception. I was nominated by a former coworker/college buddy, my brother and good friend of 10 years.

I felt at this point, I had to participate or keep receiving nominations. I was going to do it my way, though. So what are the rules of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

    1. Once you are nominated you have to participate by either donating or dumping ice over your head within 24 hours.
    2. The water must be ½ ice ½ water. Not water alone.
    3. If you choose to go the route of Ice Water, you donate $10 dollars to an ALS charity.
    4. If you choose to forego the ice, you are to donate $100 dollars to an ALS charity.
    5. In one continuous video, you mention what you are doing, who you are donating to, who nominated you and who you will nominate.
    6. You are to nominate 3 people.
    7. You must post the video on a social media site.

Turns out, I’m the worse Ice Bucket Challenge participant ever. I broke rules #1, #2 (sort of), #3 and #6.

Check my ice bucket challenge out here!

It took me 3 days to participate. I say as long as you do it- you’re doing it! 24 hours is quick for a lot of us to be soaking ourselves by dumping a bucket of water on our heads. I didn’t go to the store for ice so my roommate and I worked with what we had. The water was cold and we used the four ice cube trays we had on hand. It still had the same effect. I was freezing and wet. I nominated four people. Oops. I mean does this one truly matter? It’s one more person who may (or may not) participate. It’s one more person who might donate or nominate 3 others that will donate.

The big rule I’m breaking: I’m not donating to ALS. Currently, my grandma is experiencing stages of Alzheimer’s. While I think it’s great that people are donating to ALS, I decided I wanted to donate to something a little more near to my heart and my family. I think this is okay! I urge other people to donate to causes that are close to them. It’s just amazing that people are giving their hard earned money to help others.


Final words.

ALS is a good cause and the Ice Bucket Challenge has done miracles for the number of donors they have had this year. According to the ALS Association website, donations as of August 25, 2014, have reached $79.7 million. This is a huge improvement. Last year in the same time span, they raised $2.5 million.

Are there issues with the Ice Bucket Challenge? Sure. In the grand scheme of things, does it matter? Not at all.

Does it waste water? Depends on how you look at it. The water wasted has gotten over $70 million raised to help fund research for a terrible disease. We waste more water taking showers, doing dishes, brushing our teeth, etc.

Is this socially forced donations? Yes, but no one will really condemn you if you choose not to participate.

Is everyone actually donating the $10 or $100- Probably not.  But this goes back to nominating more than 3 people.  If they dumped the bucket over their head and nominated 3 people, those people may donate and so on a so forth.  The donations HAVE increased even if everyone is not donating.

Lastly, is it actually raising awareness? Many think this challenge is being used as a trend or a way to be part of a cool thing to do and you’re right. I wanted to do it. I was sad that it took me over a week to get nominated. I wanted to participate for the fun of it. No, many of the videos do not contain any information about ALS. How much did you know about ALS two weeks ago? How much do you know now?

I knew absolutely nothing about ALS before the Ice Bucket Challenge except cousin’s grandfather died from it and it is also called Lou Gehrig’s disease. Now I know how absolutely terrifying the disease is for the people it affects.

Awareness is increasing. If that is happening at the hands of a “trend” on Facebook- is it really so terrible? The amazing thing happening here is that we have people helping people. We have a world coming together to help a common cause. If we choose to change up the rules a bit or decide to be a little vain in the process, who cares?

Just look what we have all done to help the world in a short time. Just think of what we could accomplish as a people when we come together. It’s pretty amazing!

Update: 8/27/2014

I decided to donate to Alzheimer’s for a walk my wonderful mother is doing in support of my Grandmother who is currently being affected by the terrible disease.  View her walk page HERE and you can see proof of my donation under my blog name for those Debbie Doubters out there. She recently posted a comment on facebook that I would like to share with you:

Alzhiemers is a horrible illness…There are so many times we want to pick up the phone and call mom with good news…troubles…or just to say hi like we always did and mom cannot comprehend, and then we remember..oh that’s right, our mom isn’t here in that capacity anymore.” She’s here…but she isn’t. How do you fill that void? We miss you mom and we love you so very much! I can’t imagine how much our dad misses her…even though he’s right there with her every day! We have to find a cure!!!!!- Diane Moler

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