10 Reasons to take a Break from Drinking Alcohol

10 Reasons to take a Break from Drinking Alcohol

Not everyone has a problem with alcohol but sometimes I believe it’s good to give yourself a break from drinking alcohol from it here and there regardless.

I mean, it can be fun to drink. For those of us who are occasionally, or frequently, socially awkward it can help chill you out. BUT it can also help you make a complete fool of yourself.

  1. Amplified Emotions. You know what I’m talking about. If you had a bad day, you’ll be bitching to anyone who will listen. If you had an amazing day, you’ll probably be beaming and having the time of your life. P.S. this is when you should drink. If you spent the day sad or upset, don’t drink. Seriously don’t. You will be crying at a bar and well, there’s nothing attractive about that. Trust me.
  2. Wasted Days. Hangovers suck. They literally suck the life out of you. You will have so much to do on a Sunday such as laundry or finishing your mother’s wedding invitations and you will be glued to your couch chugging water and popping aspirin. Sorry, mom!
  3. Verbal Diarrhea. Yup. I’m bad at this one. Seriously bad. And it only takes 1 or 2 beers before I’m sticking my foot in my mouth. This is when you accidentally spill a secret or a surprise. This is when you overstep and tell a friend how much you dislike her boyfriend. This is when you just need to shut up. Seriously.
  4. Money.  I like money and I’m sure you do too.  Beer can get expensive! Not to mention the cab rides since we are smart and don’t drink and drive.  My favorite beer at my favorite bar is $5/glass.  That adds up!
  5. Facebook. I could probably do a post on 10 Facebook reasons not to drink. Status and picture updates. No one needs to know how much your drinking and where. They don’t need updates every 5 minutes. But when your drinking you will think that the world cares about these things. They don’t. Also- Facebook has a messaging app. It’s a bad idea to send a Facebook message when drinking. Even if it’s just to say hi to an old crush at 12:30 in the morning… oops.
  6. Reduced Respect. Acting like a drunken fool should be for those of us in our college years. Being a crazy drunk person at a bar in your late 20’s and 30’s? Not cool. People may end up thinking less of you.
  7. Impaired Judgment. After 3-4 beers, that guy across the bar might also look much more attractive at the end of a night.  With your judgment a little skewed you could end up doing something you will regret!
  8. Your Body. You only get one, and it really deserves better than being put through the poisoning effects of alcohol.
  9. Lost and Found. I’ve learned when going out for a night on the town, only bring what you absolutely need. Things are lost so easily. I’ve lost phones, keys, credit cards, more eyeliners than I can remember. The list goes on. It’s just better sometimes to keep your composure and your important items intact.
  10. Texting. This can be bad. Just like Facebook messaging, you will most likely end up texting crushes, exes, co-workers things that you will regret in the morning. I have some bad news- there’s no texting recall button. Maybe the text in itself wasn’t that bad… but the time you texted says otherwise.

Go ahead, call me a goody two shoes but drinking can wreak havoc on, well, on everything. Your social life, work life, reputation, self-image and more can all go down the drains when drinking in excess.

Keep it classy with 1-2 beers/drinks. If you feel like you need it, take a complete break from alcohol for a while. Might do you some good!


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