Why I Purged my Facebook Friends

Why I Purged my Facebook Friends

Yes I am one of those people who purged his Facebook friend list. Why? Well I think we have to examine the word “friend”. What is a friend? To me a friend is someone you can count on to be there for you when you need them. Someone who will not judge you because having diabetes, MS, and depression keeps you in the house, your safe place. A friend is someone who checks in on you from time to time, as you would for them.

I thought deleting people would be difficult but it wasn’t. Look at your friend list on Facebook, go ahead I will give you time…

When you looked did you actually see people who added something to your life? Maybe you saw some people and thought “who in fuck are these people?” I get it. As a comedian I used to think the number of friends I had meant that when I posted about an up coming show so many people would show up. As you can tell I do not have any Netflix comedy specials coming up so I know that is not the case.

I realized is that quality beats quantity as far as friends go. I would rather have 1 quality friend over a thousand mediocre friends any day.

All types of social media is silly. I post mostly humorous things hoping to bring a smile to someone’s day. Even though I know I do it is not always reflected on social media.

The people I actually know are the ones who approach me and tell me that they love reading my posts. I know they are not all winners but it is nice to actually have personal and “real” interactions with people.

I am considering getting rid of my social media as a whole. No more Facebook, no more Twitter, and no more Snapchat. The latter is an app I barely use so I am sure I could live without it.

I am nearly 40 and popularity does not hold as much water as it used to. I just want people in m life who actually care and actually love me without question. I was bullied as a kid and I used to think having a lot of friends was a status symbol. It is not. The truest status symbol is to be happy. Life as an adult gets busy, it is tiring. You do not get out or text people as much as you might like but your true friends will be there years from now with open arms and happy to see you.

I have not finished my purge but it is ongoing. As a comedian I am still holding on to a lot of “friends” because sometimes I post jokes I might want to use at some point and I like the feedback.

Popularity is an illusion. I know this from experience. Let’s just be friends. You have to value yourself before you can value your friends. Twitter, you’re next…

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