Guys, How Do You Pee?

Guys, How Do You Pee?
How do you pee?

This will be a short post. The question regarding taking a piss came up during a long car trip with my 2 step sons and their mom, my beautiful fiancee. The question came up regarding the front parts of the underwear and and pants, like wear the zipper is. The question was asked if pissing happens through the front holes of the underwear then again through the zipper part of pans. See Below




For me personally the holes in the front of underwear and pants are to allow your “wiener” through for immediate pissing or urinating, if you prefer medical jargon, purposes. I found out the kids think this is a foreign method. I was surprised because what other purpose do the holes serve?

For me it is a convenience. Why pull my pants down when I can just use the available holes? I know I am not alone but I feel like underwear and pants companies should be advertising these features. Especially in public. I would prefer not to see half of your ass when I am walking up to the urinal. This post is totally intended to make me feel lie I am not the oddball. Even if I am I am not going to change my ways.

Please comment below to let me know how you  prefer to pee. Yep this is a blog to ask how you piss.

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