Cracker is not the same as the N Word

Cracker is not the same as the N Word
Angry cracker

White people seemed to be up in arms because Michael Che who is a part of the Weekend Update team on Saturday Night Live used the word “cracker” in reference to President Trump. I do not even know where to start. Weekend Update is a parody news segment. It is meant to be humorous. Yes they tackle a lot of social and political issues but it is all for parody. The joke was in response to the leader of the “free” world calling the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico nasty because she asked for more assistance because her people are dying. Michael Che called Trump a cheap cracker.

This got the whitest of white people all in a tizzy. Are white people really grasping at racial straws because of the word cracker? I have heard some compare it to using the N word when referring to African Americans(see below).


Fuck, it is not even close. I understand that Joe Walsh is not only a Trump cheerleader and that he blows issues against whites out of proportion for his own gain, but he seems to forget that there are a lot of crazy folks who listen to his show. Calling white people crackers is not even close to the N word. There is no word that you can call white people that even matches it. White people are crackers, they are honkies, they are white trash, and rednecks. They are also great people just like people of color. Just like the people of Puerto Rico, a US territory.

Crackers are so up in arms. I am a cracker. Get over yourself, crackers. Cracker is not the N word. If cracker offends you then maybe we should be offended by you. The larger point was lost on you. There is a sense of irony in satire. The irony that some Americans are not white, yet there is such a fear of people of a different color.

I am going to assist those crackers who are offended by the word. I am going to show you things that crackers are great for. Crackers make soup for old white people delicious. Crackers with peanut butter, a brown spread, taste delicious. Crackers and cheese are a great snack at parties. Keebler elves make crackers so there is a magic with that. Real crackers can laugh at the term “crackers” without having their sensibilities offended.

If you prefer to be upset, be upset that people in a US territory are being made to feel like they do not matter. When I watched the video our President took offense to I saw a mayor of San Juan stating they only had 4 pallets of water. That is not even close to what is needed. So much was offered to Florida and Texas when the hurricanes hit. The same should be offered to Puerto Rico.

Dear fellow crackers, grow up. Stop inventing issues where there aren’t any. Stop letting leaders in the cracker community control your thoughts. Do your own cracker research. Do your diligence as the cracker community. Do your cracker best. Be your cracker best, crackers. Do not let the head cracker and cracker pundits control your mind. The video from SNL is included below. Enjoy, you lily white crackers. It is a funny segment.

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