OK Go live is perfection

OK Go live is perfection
OK Go confetti party to kick the night offf

I have seen many bands live but OK Go, a band that I love, seemed always so elusive. Whenever I checked to see when they were coming town it seemed like I always just missed them. That all changed on June 29th when my beautiful fiancee bought tickets so we could see them at The Vic Theater. From the moment she surprised me on my birthday almost every thought i had, almost every song I listened to was focused on OK Go. It became apparent to anyone who spoke with me that I was more than stoked to see them. I guess you can say I am an OK Go super fan. I do not just like them because of their groundbreaking videos but I like them because their music is fantastic. Like more than just the “cool video songs” I am saying I love a lot of their deeper cuts. Songs that a lot of their most devoted fans know.

I am not trying to be a snob about my liking of OK Go, okay yeah I am, but I find it difficult to find a song I do not like. I was every bit as geeky about the show as I would be if I met Superman in real. You would think that is a superlative but it is not. OK Go are my musical Superman.

As the days grew closer I annoyed my fiancee by playing deeper cuts by them, you know just in case. I allowed myself to day dream that they might call me out by name to join them on stage to rock out on ukulele or attempt to sing with them. As much as I tried to temper my excitement I just could not hold it in.  When I thought of all of the songs I wanted to hear the concert would have been at least 3 hours long.

OK so I guess I should talk about the concert at this point…

We arrived in time to see the opening act DJ Abilities. For a DJ set it was pretty great he is an awesome talent. He was a great appetizer for the main dish. He mixed a lot of 80’s and 90’s music in a way that was seamless.

After a little wait to build up the excitement a video began. This is a video that compiles movie clips with the characters first saying “OK” then it shifts to “Go” and ends with characters from movies saying/shouting Damian, the first name of the Lead singer Damian Kulash. The first song they played was Upside Down and Inside Out, not only is it a great song but the video features them in zero gravity. The video is below.

Along with the band’s arrival confetti cannons exploded with confetti blanketing the crowd. It was at that moment the crowd was aware they were in for a really fun show. The confetti cannons continued the party atmosphere throughout the show. I am not much of a singer or a dancer but i basically sang and danced to every song like much of the crowd.

Damian had a riser in the middle of the crowd and played a song that I sang to my fiancee called Last Leaf, lyrics and pictures of that moment are below.

“If you should be the last autumn leaf hanging from the tree
I’ll still be here waiting on the breeze to bring you down to me
And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be
And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be”

Damian Kulash performing Last Leaf. Yes, we were that close!

Damian Kulash performing Last Leaf. Yes, we were that close!


They played songs like Skyscrapers from the album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky to more recent songs like The Writing’s On the Wall from their latest album Hungry Ghosts. I have to say that I loved every song but lately I’m Not Through is a song I have sung loudly and proudly in my car and I did that night as well.

Their set that night also included a cover of Blur’s Song 2 and Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog. They played originals such as Obsession and Do What You Want. OK Go has a way of making their shows fun for not just the most seasoned of fans but also those who are not completely aware of their music. It is a concert and it is a party and it is 10 times better than my mind allowed me to think they could be. They encourage fan interaction, they want you to sing along.  The show culminated with Here it Goes Again and the band invited kids (along with their parents) on stage with them to dance around and sing.

OK Go ranks in the top five shows I have ever seen and i cannot wait to see them again. I recommend for even the most casual fan to go and check them out. You will have nothing but fun. OK Go kicked ass live.

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