My mom is a retired cop and black lives matter

My mom is a retired cop and black lives matter
Black lives matter. Let black lives matter.

Too much lately has it been that awful cops have done awful things. We have seen the stories on the news. Black people gunned down for no good reason. Gunned down before there is a chance for even a reason to be given. Gunned down because of the color of their skin. It has been happening so much that #blacklivesmatter has become a movement. It has become a rallying cry because even though we are supposedly a civilized people we have to remind the police not to shoot black people when such force seems unnecessary.

I am not saying the police are supposed to let themselves be shot when danger presents itself but too often is the case that shots are fired, a black person is killed, and questions are asked after the fact. It just has to stop. Bad racist cops give good cops a bad name. Bad racist cops make it more difficult for good cops to do their job. Good cops want to strengthen the bond they have with the community because that is necessary to keeping it safe. Good cops should not have to strengthen the bond left in tatters by bad racist cops.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for good cops. My mom is a retired Chicago Police Officer. She was one of the good ones. Race did not motivate her. She was motivated by cleaning up the streets and arresting those who deserved it. I stand by the #blacklivesmatter people because black lives matter. Supporting that cause does not mean you hate cops. It means you hate what bad cops are out there doing.

It means you hate that all cops are lumped together in one bad group because of the actions of bad cops. The media did not create this issue bad racist cops created this issue. If you support the police and you want to be mad at someone be mad at the bad racist cops who perpetuate this problem. Be mad at the system that protects them. Be mad that racism exists and as every day passes you realize it might always.

Every group has bad people. I have spoken a lot about bad cops. Even the #blacklivesmatter movement has bad people in it. Focus on why this group has to exist. If these bad racist cops did not do bad racist things there would be no #blacklivesmatter.

Also stop the whole all lives matter argument no one has said that all lives do not matter but right now the focus is on black lives. Somewhere along the way that stopped being important. Ugly american racism reared its ugly head. Pundits like Joe Walsh and Sean Hannity spew their racist hate rhetoric on a daily basis and like every good racist say “well I am not a racist, some of my best friends are black”.

Believe you me you need not look much farther than that statement to spot a racist. They will tell you before you judge let these officers have due process. You know the same due process racist officers show black people before they shoot them down. It is the kind of racism and ignorance that has too good of a chance of being president. Seriously, America, you are dangerously close to having a villain as president.

I love this country. I love America. I love America enough to be disappointed in Americans. I will have future posts about my other disappointments but for now I am focusing on this one. Stop being racist, America. Can we stop being awful to each other? Why can’t love rule? Just love each other. Be bigger than what some Republicans paint you as. Be yourself and be angry at bad cops. It is okay to not be okay with racist cops.

It is okay.

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