Donna Day 2016: Donate and Let's End Pediatric Cancer

Donna Day 2016: Donate and Let's End Pediatric Cancer
Donna is an angel for sure

Of course I want to see the day where all cancer comes to an end because fuck cancer. As a survivor and as a human being who loves all people pediatric cancer saddens and angers me. How in the hell is it allowed that a child is allowed to get cancer? Cancer robbed me of the ability to have my own children but I have step children and I would fight fucking fire to save them.

Today is Donna Day 2016 it is a call to action to donate money and fight pediatric cancer. If you are unfamiliar with Donna’s story here is a link to her whole story from my friend Mary Tyler Mom. Her and her husband somehow got through this loss and their strength never wavered.

There are many ways to donate, in fact, on March 19th there is a St. Baldrick’s event happening at Candlelite Chicago you can click the link to the event page to donate to Donna’s Good Things or you can click here to go straight to the donation page.

I’ve been a part of two St. Baldrick events. I’ve donated money and I’ve been a shavee. I never knew Donna but I know her mom. Every time I embrace her I send my love to her and her family. Donna’s story is devastating. It feels unfair. Donna’s Good Things is a wonderful charity that is a gift from Donna. All I know about Donna is what I’ve read and heard about her. She was a sweet little girl who never seemed to let on that she was suffering or was scared.

Her spirit survives through DGT. I’m going to donate to team DGT because well as I said before fuck cancer! Fuck it so much! Fuck you, cancer, for all the children you make suffer. Fuck you for all the children you steal. Fuck you for the millions of adults and children who suffer.

I know what cancer feels like. I know that cancer does what it can to steal life and joy. I’m choosing hope. I chose hope almost 20 years ago when I was first diagnosed and then 5 years later when I had a recurrence. I lived to write about cancer and to make jokes at its expense in my stand up.

Cancer tries to win but with survivors living on, in remembrance of those we have lost along the way, and because of the kindness of those who can donate my hope is that in my lifetime I’ll get to see cancer lose. Please donate if you can. Pediatric cancer has a target on its back. Let’s unleash our arsenal.

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