Roger Goodell, just admit you effed up

Rog, you are either a bumbling idiot or just a awful dick. You deserve to be fired or not so gracefully resign. Your lies have snowballed and now it is an awful ball of lies overwhelming you. You suck at your job, Goodell and I’m dismissing you.

You claimed you didn’t see the video of Ray Rice punching his wife so hard that she was knocked out. You should be fired just for making TMZ look like a credible source.

Law enforcement has confirmed with the AP that they sent one of your executives the tape of the aforementioned incident but yet the crime dog did nothing about it. A toe game suspension is nothing. Suspending him indefinitely is next to nothing.

In the league of morons you win a gold medal. If this was the Super Bowl you’d be the champion of dumb. You care about one thing and one thing only and that is the bottom line.

A cat with distemper could run this league better than you. Who can you blame? Your yes men will abandon your sinking ship as well as they should. Your lack of action has shown your true colors. You are yellow. You are afraid to anger those who are supposed to answer to you.

You have worn out your welcome. You can go now. Go be the commissioner of a fantasy football league. Though you’d probably fuck that up too by allowing for two quarterbacks per team. Yes I know that is allowed but it shouldn’t be.

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