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The Backstage Antics At A Comedy Show.

The Backstage Antics At A Comedy Show.
Comedians and musicians are known for being funny so states Captain Obvious. He might be a Lieutenant now, I cannot recall. Some if not most comedians and musicians are known for a life of excess. Be it booze, drugs, food, or coloring by number, comedians and musicians are always chasing something. They are chasing highs,... Read more »

In Defense of Chelsea Handler

I am sure Chelsea Handler does not need me to defend her, nor will she even know that I did. I mean she might if she Googles her name, ChicagoNow, my name, and the name of my blog. It is highly doubtful because I am the only narcissist who Googles himself. There are other Patrick... Read more »

For MS Awareness Week I Won't Complain

The thing about multiple sclerosis is that it sucks. I try to keep quiet about how tired I am or the nagging pain I feel. Even the medicine that is supposedly working is less than fun. It is MS Awareness Week and it would be easy to bitch about a lot. I could tell you... Read more »