The People In My Class Hate Me

The People In My Class Hate Me
Your bag and your jacket are getting a better education

I swear it is just like grammar school and high school all over again. My classmates seem to hate me. I do not understand why, I am a little less nerdy and my face is not quite as punchable anymore. I have recently been described as funny, adorable and the most popular person in the universe, that covers a lot of area. Okay so the last one is kind of a fib, but only kind of.

Case in point, yesterday I walked into class and all of the open seats were occupied by people’s bags. Sure, I was late due to a not being able to find my class snafu. I walked in, it was obvious I needed a seat but no one offered theirs up. Instead, their bags sat there taunting me, the only thing worse would be if the bags pass the first test because they were able to see the board. The classroom reeked of disrespect and book bag spite.

This was not my first encounter with adversity as an old man in college(okay I am 35 but next to these younger folks I feel ancient). Last semester there was a petulant woman(using that term loosely) who cried favoritism whenever my name was mentioned. Favoritism? What, for my adorable unpunchable face or my penchant for humor? I don’t know why I would be favored. I am a poor comedian in community college. Yeah, the gods of favoritism shine brightly upon me.

I wish I was entitled, I wish I could just skip community college, collect the $200 as I pass “Go” and get my bachelor’s in the next year. Nope, I have to wallow just like everyone else, I have work for my goals instead of being handed everything. I do not mind because when I am a teacher and doing something I love I will know that I earned it.

I just do not know why I am hated, I think I am like-able, go ahead ask my friends, they will tell you I am the bee’s knees and/or the cat’s pajamas. Did I mention my unpunchable face and quick wit? Oh let’s add in handsomeness for good measure since you cannot tell a blog to shut up.

So I learned a lesson, I need to be early or at least on time. I will have my bag, though I never bring one I will to prove a point. I will wait for the rest of my class to file in and as they do I will remove my bag from the seat for one of my comrades. This will set forth into motion a new precedent, one in which we are decent to one another. After all, that is the world I thought already existed around me.

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