I woke up with one more molar than I have right now

I woke up with one more molar than I have right now
Oh where, oh where can my molar be?

Over the last couple of days I had a pain emanating from my mouth. The pain was so bad I wanted to punch snowflakes. That is how i make this post seasonal. Anyway, I am macho tough guy and put seeing the dentist off. Even though in private I was damning the day my teeth protruded from my gums and my family no doubt threw a gala.

I had to suck it up and I had to admit that I had a problem. Though with every second that passed I was reminded that maybe this particular thing could not wait. I called the dentist’s office and made my appointment and my brain started to swirl. I would be surely fitted for dentures because I would be judged and the dentist would surely knock them all out for teeth marked with a scarlet letter. My mind has a tendency to wander.

I woke up in the morning, and felt awful from my MS meds and I had to call off work. Oh and this awful pain in my mouth/tooth/jaw that would not subside. Later in the day I went to the dentist. I was already in excruciating pain and now I had to complete paperwork. Then I was in excruciating pain and had to answer the dental assistant’s questions. The x-rays were taken and it did not take a professional eye to see the darkness in my molar.

The dentist cane in, I was hoping the whole time his name was Dennis…

“Hi I’m Dennis the dentist”

…That surely would have made my visit more fun. He looked at my teeth and the x-ray and informed me of what I knew, the problem was a molar. My options were a root canal tomorrow or an extraction today. I opted for the extraction because I could not take another day off work.

I was sent to another office not too far away. My tooth was poked an prodded at the first office so the pain was even worse and constant. I arrived at the second location and waited awhile…then I fell asleep somehow. Through all the pain I managed to get caught up on sleep I missed out on due to the tooth pain. I woke up just in time to be called in. The dentist came in and gave me the sweetest shots of Novocaine and the pain went away.

I became morose at that moment because I realized I was losing a tooth. I named him Morty, we had so many great times. We enjoyed so many wonderful meals. He was violently ripped out of my gums. He was broken and torn out and he left a bit of pain behind for old time’s sake. I sit here now with a void in my mouth. I have to learn to chew on the other side. I am taking extra special care of Minerva my other molar.

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