When it rains, jump in the puddles

Enjoy every sandwich, and every minute- Warren Zevon

The above is my favorite quote. Uttered by a man who was in the final stages of cancer but still took time to appreciate the life happening around him.

It rained tonight, I did not plan for it. I had class and my clothes were soaked, my glasses collected the drops, and I held my iPad under my shirt to save it from the storm. Then I did something that drew attention from others who sought shelter. I found the biggest puddle and I jumped into it. Why? Well, because I wanted to.

Life is not always easy, most of us have it rough. The government has taken a break, the Bears lost and some show called Breaking Bad ended.

There is a bright side. Just look for it. I really do believe we all have one. Stop finding your reasons to be sad and focus on the things or thing that makes you happy. Tell yourself how lucky you are. Take this second right here as you read this sentence and smile. Go ahead, no one is looking, and even if they are, who cares, your smile could be the one thing they needed today.

There is something good in you. I do not know you, but I believe there is something good in everyone. You know there is, let the world see it, Scream out!

You may read this and you might think I have gone mad. I assure you I haven’t. I just think there is at least one person out there who needs to see this and if I help that one person then this blog was successful. Even if it goes unread tonight or tomorrow and is not read for a thousand years, one day someone will read this and it will help them.

I have just been feeling great lately. Despite my health, the sun has been shining on me and I am lucky for so many reasons. I have a great family, the best friends, I am in a great relationship, I can play ukulele, I am funny, and there is so much more.

Jump in a puddle, let yourself be silly. Let your inner-child out and run amok. Life continues to happen around you. Be the star of your life. When the credits roll, be the feel good movie.

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