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A kiss that helped me fall in love

We have all seen in the movies, that moment when the main characters kiss for the first time and it bursts. I used to think that was bunch of hooey, until it happened to me. It is a kiss that I will never forget. It was all of those magical things. It was the fireworks,... Read more »

Everyone should have their own theme song

I have been wondering lately, why is it that movies and television shows have soundtracks? Why am I disallowed to have my own theme song? Don’t you think every morning would be more amazing, or to be grammatically correct, amazinger, if you woke to your own epic orchestral theme? Sure it would be a little... Read more »

My sudden affinity for white rap

I am not a huge rap music or hip hop fan. I tried when I was very young to ask my parents to buy NWA for a Christmas present. It wasn’t because I liked NWA or had a problem with the police, I was just trying to be like the cool kids. The bad “N”... Read more »

When it rains, jump in the puddles

Enjoy every sandwich, and every minute- Warren Zevon The above is my favorite quote. Uttered by a man who was in the final stages of cancer but still took time to appreciate the life happening around him. It rained tonight, I did not plan for it. I had class and my clothes were soaked, my... Read more »