Words of wisdom for a younger me

Words of wisdom for a younger me
A younger me

Hey Patrick, this is going to be difficult to believe but I am you from the future. I am older and wiser and I wanted to talk to you. I want to give you a gift I was never given, a glimpse into your future. It is with this glimpse that I want you to feel hopeful and to stay the course. In a few years you will be thrown a curve ball.

What kind of curve ball you ask? Well, that is an interesting word choice. You see at the age of 21, when life is a party and you will want to be celebrating and drinking legally, you will have testicular cancer. Yeah, I know I was shocked too. It is going to suck but one day it will become your bread and butter. You will write about it on your blog and it will become your signature joke as a stand up comedian.

Yes, we are a stand up comedian. No we are not at all famous, really who needs fame? It is a hobby that I sometimes get paid to do and that is just fine with me.

Anyway, don’t sweat the cancer we totally survived it…twice.

The other thing i want you to know is I know you are down on yourself. You are not completely confident, you wish you were popular and better looking. The teenage years are awkward for many. You will never be a stud but you will be better than average and your humor and confidence will make up for inadequacies. Girls may not like you now but one day they will. You will have many relationships and that one is out there. I am with her now and it is the happiest I have ever been.

Dude, lose the 'fro, you are not pulling it off.

Dude, lose the ‘fro, you are not pulling it off.

Allow yourself to dream, sure, your dreams won’t make you rich but you will accomplish some pretty awesome things. Let yourself daydream, let your mind wander, never lose your zest for living.

We are divorced, no advice there, but that is a thing.

The internet gets faster and pop up blockers will be invented. One day you will not have to wait forever for a naked picture to load or worry about being caught because of never ending pop up ads selling sex.

I am not going to influence your decisions. Every decision I have made has brought me to this place and I would not change it for an easier road or an idyllic life. I am not who you see here because I always had it easy so I want you to succeed and fail just as I have because one different decision would change everything and you do not want that.

So stay the course, young Patrick, life is amazing when you just allow it to happen.

Oh and no, your fashion sense will never improve.

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