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Shut your mouth Robin Thicke no blurred lines here

I do not listen to pop music, I hear it play sometimes when my girlfriend is driving. I have done all I can to avoid this summer’s smash hit Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, who I will now refer to as Alan Thicke’s son. Even better, I will refer to him as the guy who... Read more »

Things I did besides watch Bears preseason football

I have written before about how my like, it was never love, of sports is waning. From other idiot fans saying idiotic things like idiots will to rampant cheating; it’s no wonder I am slowly detracting. Some would say I am a lesser Chicago Bears fan because I’ve yet to watch a second of preseason... Read more »

Would you want to know when you might perish?

Scientists in the UK claim they’ve developed a device that can predict mortality. The device is the size of a wristwatch and can supposedly not only predict death but also test for diseases. It should be available to doctors within the next few years. This made me ask myself… Would I want to know? I... Read more »

7 Ways to Announce Your Divorce

Are you currently in the process of getting a divorce and wondering how and when to tell those around you? Are you recently divorced and need a quick, efficient way to share? Regardless of where you are in the process, here are 7 easy, creative ways to announce your divorce. (Why 7? Well, 7 is... Read more »

When a robbery copies art

This is a story that made some headlines last week. A group of robbers, inspired by “The Town” which stars Ben Affleck, robbed $200,000 from a store. I have seen the movie and, for an Affleck film, it is not bad. The robbers copied specific details from the movie such as wearing latex masks, pouring... Read more »