An MS'd up diagnosis, see what I did there?

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When we last left our hero…

Oh sorry, I just want one day a story about me to be told like that. Anyway, I was about to get a brand new diagnosis. I barely even got to know my stroke and just like that it was gone. I should also mention I was informed that I was anemic and had an iron deficiency. One positive thing came out of that, my blood type, I’m O positive. Hardy har har…

Okay so the nurse came in and told me that I did not have a stroke then she left, cue the dramatic telenovela music. I was in my bed pondering what was wrong with my brain besides the little bits of crazy and weird. The doctor arrived and she smacked my ear hole with the news.

Lesions on my brain were more representative of multiple sclerosis. Well at least they think many tests and opinions are needed to know for sure.

They scheduled a spinal tap. No word on whether or not my MS goes to 11. Yes, know that joke is nonsense, most of my jokes are. Fuck, spinal taps are just awful. So much pressure not to move because if I moved just a bit, I could be paralyzed. This was not a time for an ill placed itch or sneeze. Fun fact about this spinal tap; I passed out. I don’t remember, I recall feeling nauseous and hot but not at all passing out. I’m a wuss, shut up.

I was in the hospital for 5 days. I had a blood transfusion, I hope it was human blood, I also had a colonoscopy, the night before is a night that I hope MS will erase from my memory. In the end, I found out about a stomach ulcer and that I had MS. That’s my insurance at work, people.

I wanted to take this time to thank all of my visitors. Some were family, some were my friends from ChicgoNow, we are a family for real. Also my wonderful girlfriend who was there with me almost every single second. When I was low on strength she has back up strength. When I’m falling she is my safe place to land. She made those few days and the weekend I spent in crippling pain much easier to take.

The road ahead is unpaved and has no street signs. I don’t know what lay ahead for me. I get the results of my spinal tap on Thursday. I am nervous, I love my brain, I have a lot of knowledge and beautiful memories contained in it. I have a long and storied health story. I am a fighter, I am a survivor. Whatever I find out, I am going to fight it and live very long and one day my blogs will be about young people and their saggy pants and loud music and magical flying machines, not planes, but hoverboards. Back to the Future part II promised me, damn it!

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