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The Royal Baby is born! Now whole world as you were

I know I should care about the Royal, as of yet unnamed, Baby but should I? I feel like the rest of the world has gone ga ga for a person who has yet to say ga ga. No I’m not a pessimist, I just don’t get it. First of all, what does the Royal... Read more »

An MS'd up diagnosis, see what I did there?

This is the conclusion read part 1 here When we last left our hero… Oh sorry, I just want one day a story about me to be told like that. Anyway, I was about to get a brand new diagnosis. I barely even got to know my stroke and just like that it was gone.... Read more »

The 24 hour stroke

The 24 hour stroke
A couple of weeks ago this blog was rather silent. It appears that you have all made God angry and he took it out on his or her pin cushion..yours truly. I left work early on a Monday, which is always tempting but I swear this time was legit. Perhaps I should start from the... Read more »

Why I avoid the Taste of Chicago

Every year comes a time when I don’t find the time to go to the Loop or by the lakeshore and that time is upon us. The Taste of Chicago has reared its ugly head again and I’m staying away. I can understand the appeal for tourists. Somehow, despite the murder rate rising, the number... Read more »