I'm losing interest in sports and I blame Chicago sports fans

I have never been a strong sports fan. I couldn’t tell you who has the most tackles in NFL history, nor can I tell you who is best pitcher that wore a size 12 cleat, and even the little bit of me that likes sports is fading. Idiot sports fans are largely the reason. I was never the type to let sports rule my life and I never want to be that guy. I love life outside of sports and I won’t let life happen around me while I’m glued to the television crying into a sudsy drink.

I don’t have vitriolic feelings towards all sports fans, just the fans who can’t make time for their kids or the ones who spend most of the week angry because(insert player’s name or team name) sucks this year. The little bit of sports radio I listen to is to hear silly sports fans get put in their place. It is almost as if I don’t want to be associated with that group of people. Seriously, even the players themselves don’t take sports this seriously.

I understand passion, I just feel like this much passion is misplaced. For most, sports is an escape, a chance to hang out with friends and yell cheers, for some it is to hang with their friends and yell insults. I don’t understand why you care so much. Why does it affect your mood. This morning you woke up, right there, things are going pretty swell.

I hear the calls made to sports radio. I hear the arguments argued and counterpointed with even worse arguments. I know I’m coming off as angry but just know ignorance angers me, stupidity, by and large, makes me laugh. I just can’t be a part of that, it is not my scene. I prefer to just be happy and if I do watch sports, I do so knowing that life goes on after the game is over and the team I was cheering for was background noise.

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