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Cubs Say No To Call Me Maybe

Cubs in-game program director Jim Oboikowitch announced some changes to the 7th inning stretch and music that will be played at Wrigley this year. The changes to the 7 th inning stretch will include adding former Cubs players and celebrities that are native to Chicago. For those of us with capable ears let’s hope some... Read more »

Billboards Are Acceptable Texting and Driving

I have sat on something for quite a while.  Not literally but in a figurative sense. Why are there so many billboards to distract me while driving?  Whether it is a strip club with some plasticine and buxom woman making me promises with her eyes or a PSA with several paragraphs that require many trips... Read more »

Chicago Style Hot Dog? I'll Pass

I am a life-long Chicagoan, I have been known to eat hot dogs. Based on the information given wouldn’t that make it a Chicago style hot dog? Among the contents of Chicago dog are mustard (blech), a poppy seed bun, mustard (why does anyone think mustard is good?), peppers, a pickle, and much, much, much,... Read more »