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New Year's Resolutions I Can Achieve

Every year at this time we all resolve to make changes hopefully for the better. My typical unrequited resolution is to quit smoking, star getting better shape and to eat better. This year I think I will just start small and build up to my resolutions of quitting smoking and going back to school. First,... Read more »

Stop Being a Ditka-head

I don’t understand the love affair Chicago has with Mike Ditka. It was 1985 when the Bears won the Super Bowl. It is time to move on it is time to let go. No more super fan hero worship. Phil Jackson won 6 championships in the 90s and his legend is not nearly as large.... Read more »

Middleton Radio Prank Ends Tragically

As you may be aware last week, 2 Australian DJs prank called the hospital where Kate Middleton was recovering from severe morning sickness. They called pretending to be Queen Elizabeth and were able to speak with one of the nurses in her ward regarding her condition. A couple of days later came the sad news... Read more »

After being shot, friendship is the Sveum

Cubs manager Dale Sveum was shot in the back and ear by Robin Yount as the two were out quail hunting. Sveum was not badly hurt and even poked fun at Yount calling him Dick Cheney. I am not sure how often this happens in the world of hunting, but isn’t once too much? I... Read more »

Seven Deadly Sins: Envy - "It Is Obvious You're Envious"

Seven Deadly Sins:  Envy - "It Is Obvious You're Envious"
I cannot say that I have ever been green with envy. I have not even been green without envy. I have never wanted or wished for what others have. I already appreciate my life and my gifts. Instead, I will help you commit a deadly sin by giving you reasons to envy me. Humor: My... Read more »