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The American Day Dream

I could be cliché and quote a certain lyric about dreaming by John Lennon.  I said I could, but I won’t you all know the lyric and in a second you will find out how it relates to this blog.  I spend a lot of my open brain space on reflection.  Sometimes I wonder what... Read more »

Lindsay Lohan is a Living Catastrophe

Lindsay Lohan is a rash the more you scratch the bigger she gets.  I understand the car wreck (pun kind of intended) aspect of it.  Even now in a big city like Chicago if you see lights on the side of the road we cannot help but slow down and catch a glimpse of the... Read more »

Hey NFL! Let Me Fix Your Replacement Ref Issue.

The NFL has quite the issue at the moment.  The joke that is the replacement referees.  From out and out favoritism to awful calls, it makes the game a little less fun to watch.  You cannot blame them, though, they have been put in an unfortunate position, learning on the fly what it usually takes... Read more »

A Blathering of Comedic Proportions

Occasionally us bloggers come out of our holes and get together at events called “Blatherings” (Blog+Gathering). This time around we went to Fitzgerald’s in Berwyn. Fellow comedian Scott King and I were commissioned to put a comedy show together by our fearless leader, Jimmy Greenfield. So we did just that, we were joined by Dale... Read more »

A Bit of Chicago Will Be Live From New York

It was announced last week that Saturday Night Live would be adding three Chicagoans to its cast.  Congratulations to Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong, and Tim Robinson for getting called up the big leagues.  I am not incredibly familiar with Aidy and Cecily but I have seen Tim on many occasions and if he brings to SNL... Read more »

My Memory of September 11, 2001

Where were you when it happened? That is a question many will either ask or they themselves will ponder when they recall the events on September 11th 2001.  I have written about my experience before but never on Chicagonow.  My day was not extraordinary but it was a day like many other Chicagoans I was... Read more »

I Need a College Team to Cheer For.

I am about to admit to something that a lot of men do not or will not admit to.  I do not watch college football.  There are a few reasons for this, I have never gone to college, I did take classes in broadcasting but I don’t think the Illinois Center for Broadcasting has a... Read more »

I Am Not Addicted to "Breaking Bad"

I am from an elite group of people, though to many it might not seem that way. I am one of very few people who has never seen “Breaking Bad”.  It is not that I do not think I would enjoy it, I just never watch it.  Now, I wear it like a badge of... Read more »