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The Creation of My Own Death Hoax

The Creation of My Own Death Hoax
I know I will have made it as a comedian as soon as rumors of my death flood the internet.  It is not really a rite of passage, many already famous people come face to face with their rumored mortality.  The most recent happened to Bill Cosby, who for all intents and purposes is still... Read more »

While My Ukulele Gently Weeps

`The unsexiest statement in the world is “I play ukulele”.  Here I am though, finally achieving my childhood dream of being a musician.  Oh I play ukulele…  it is just something I do for fun or to relieve tension.  I am no ukulele hero but I getting pretty good at it. Admittedly, unless you are... Read more »

I love football but do i love it this much?

Every year I put myself through the same hell, fantasy football.  I have never done very well in my years of playing.  I know a lot about football, my teams just never seem to do as well as I think they will.  Every year I tell myself I am done.  Every year it pulls me... Read more »

$300 for shoes?!

Parents, girlfriends, gifts for yourselfers, if you plan on buying the Lebron X shoe be prepared to mint your own money.  The new shoe which will be released by Nike later this year is expected to cost you 300 bones*. I remember when $100 seemed like too much money for a shoe.  Heck if I... Read more »

Steal my blog

I have yet to experience something that a lot of writer’s experience, having their words plagiarized.  As a I writer I know I should be happy but it leaves me feeling jealous and insecure.  Why isn’t my writing good enough to steal? Even as a comedian I would be flattered if someone stole my joke. ... Read more »

Ran dumb thoughts

This may seem like I am using this blog to work on bits.  That is not true, today’s blog took many forms and I could only think of one line, so I took the best of the one liners and put them together in a singular post. Here they are in no particular order: Congratulations... Read more »

My quest for the giant hot dog

My quest for the giant hot dog
Comedy is a strange but wonderful world.   I love every single second that I am on stage.  I enjoy putting smiles on faces and helping the audience escape for a fraction of time.  Every once in a while things come up that make me love this business even more. Next Monday I will be in... Read more »

My first time in the past.

Last night I went to a lounge in Chicago where for some reason I have never been.  I had to find something fun to do, the pressure was on.  There are so many things to do here, but finally I stumbled upon The Green Mill. This place is torn right out of the prohibition era. ... Read more »

Advice for my future children

I do not have children…yet but I have compiled a list of advice.  I hope those little ragamuffins appreciate it. You will most likely have to go to public school, so you best be smarter than your father. I promise not to name you after a fruit or a month I know in your young... Read more »