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Inside "The Many Worlds of Ross and AJ"

It’s hard to believe, but the duo now racking up millions of hits on TikTok barely knew each other when they were up-and-coming comedians in Chicago. As their careers skyrocketed, AJ Lubecker and Ross Kelly separately made the pilgrimage to L.A. They met by chance on a film set and comic sparks flew. That fateful... Read more »

Joel to the world! A Q&A with Joel Chasnoff about Christmas Eve for the Jews 2020

Like all of us, I had questions when the world shut down this year. When will I see family? When will I see friends? How will I see comedy? Then I had one more question and it also made me sad: Will there be No Christmas for the Jews? Growing up – I’ll just say... Read more »

Nick and Sheila's Kid ends the year on a high note: A Q&A with Prateek Srivastava

Happy holidays to all! Prateek Srivastava is playing Santa this year in more ways than one and Christmas is arriving early no matter your denomination. Tonight at 7:00 p.m., you’re invited to Prateek’s comedy benefit “34 for 34” for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital which will take place on Zoom and Facebook Live. Since Prateek... Read more »

Need a boost? Jump on Kyle Kinane’s "Trampoline in a Ditch"

It started as a routine flight. It ended with Kyle Kinane booted out of Canada, escorted past curious onlookers at the Calgary airport onto a plane back to L.A. Because it was Canada, the guards who “Green Miled” him onto the flight were both burly and relentlessly polite. Because it was Kyle Kinane, it is... Read more »

True charisma: A Q&A with Kelsie Huff

I meant to tell Kelsie Huff how I first heard her name. It’s so delightful speaking with her that we went off in other directions. How she thought about radio, but ended up in comedy. How she inherited Feminine Comique,  the first all-female stand-up class, from Cameron Esposito. Why she created the hilarious all-women comedy... Read more »

Laughter's back at Zanies! Talking with headliner Adam Burke

It’s a tumultuous dystopian hellscape out there! We’re pelted with charred lumps of chaos on the daily. Can anyone offer an umbrella indestructible enough to shield us all?  I know who can! Zanies is reopening! To be specific, only fifty of us socially distancing can be sheltered within its welcoming, historic walls at one time.... Read more »

If marriage is salad, Paul Farahvar will have the fries!

Paul Farahvar is a catch. But good luck catching him! This accomplished comedian and attorney in his forties will not be walking down the aisle anytime soon and maybe never. But dating is another story. He has cornered the market on funny, honest relationship tales in his podcast Singles Only. He also uplifts hearts and... Read more »

The COVID Council of Comedians: Pandemic Purchases Revealed!

It happened again this morning. It happens every morning. The ominous thuds on the doorstep. The whump whump of objects thrown against concrete. An engine revs then accelerates outside. Again the dreaded question: What the heck did I order this time? To paraphrase a current game on social media, following are five items I may... Read more »

The COVID Council of Comedians Convenes!

Turn to the comedians! That’s how I get through good times and bad. Let’s say it’s pouring torrential rain in the midst of a global pandemic. Several weeks ago your hair went Cruella de Vil and your spouse is stomping around the house because of … well, whatever the latest quaranscream irritation is. And you’re... Read more »

The Unstoppable Momentum of Brendan Gay

Talking with Brendan Gay, something sprang to mind. It was a conviction I have, but don’t often say – that comedians are the high priests of our culture. They articulate issues that we don’t know how to express. They reveal perspectives we hadn’t considered. They’re unflinchingly honest. Whatever insight they bring, they lift us up... Read more »