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The COVID Council of Comedians: Pandemic Purchases Revealed!

It happened again this morning. It happens every morning. The ominous thuds on the doorstep. The whump whump of objects thrown against concrete. An engine revs then accelerates outside. Again the dreaded question: What the heck did I order this time? To paraphrase a current game on social media, following are five items I may... Read more »

The COVID Council of Comedians Convenes!

Turn to the comedians! That’s how I get through good times and bad. Let’s say it’s pouring torrential rain in the midst of a global pandemic. Several weeks ago your hair went Cruella de Vil and your spouse is stomping around the house because of … well, whatever the latest quaranscream irritation is. And you’re... Read more »

Chicago comedy online events: Saturday, May 16-Saturday, May 23, 2020

Author and former comedian Mo Willems talked with Jimmy Fallon this week and said, “Science will get us out of this, but art will get us through this.” In that spirit, Chicago comedy has our backs every day for as long as this lasts and beyond. Following are ways Chicago comedians are looking after us... Read more »